Aphex Energy Manager

Understand your energy consumption

EnergyManager helps you maximise the energy efficiency of your buildings, by automatically collecting and analysing all forms of energy consumption, and generating invoices, bills or reports. Visually appealing graphics and charts guarantee a well-ordered and intuitive presentation of energy data. Fully customisable navigation menu, and dashboard pages allows you to easily evaluate your energy consumption to help realise substantial savings in energy costs.

Energy Benchmarking

Consumption bar charts visualise the energy profile of your building and benchmark the current day, week & month against the previous period and same period last year. Save time by excluding individual time periods from your bar chart with just one click.

Detailed data breakdown

See a breakdown of how different consumers contribute to your daily energy consumption in our advanced daily, weekly, monthly or yearly bar charts. Add a target line to easily measure and manage your buildings performance.

Energy Ranking

Easily identify and compare the high and low consumers between groups of meters, floors, zones or buildings as needed in ascending or descending order. Selecting a particular consumer hides that consumption data from the chart and our auto ranking recalculates and redraws the chart to scale.

Use Excel to Create Advanced Reports, Tenant Bills, or Invoices

Energy Manager allows you to build your reports, or tenant bills using template Excel spreadsheets built using Microsoft Excel. Energy Manager will automatically create monthly bills or reports from the templates and generate pdf documents for email or print.

Fully Customisable

Reports and bills can be created in any format, including logos, text, charts or images. Energy Manager exports raw energy data to Excel allowing users to calculate KPIs or invoice costs using any mathematical methods, tariffs or look up tables.

Heat Map

See your energy data in a heatmap chart to easily identify patterns and outliers. Hourly increments allow you to spot trends. Heat maps can help you understand any values to look for seasonal trends, office temperature, or to identify occupancy trends.

Regression Analysis

Measure actual consumption against predicted energy consumption with weather pattern regression analyses. The multi regression analysis option performs three independent linear regressions for heating, zero-energy periods and cooling periods.

Contribution Analysis

Discover how particular buildings or zones contribute to your total energy cost and consumption with an easily customizable pie chart. Rotate the chart and highlight segments for easy comparison

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