Our Services

Our Services

Since 1991, Our company has supported organisations with commercial metering expertise across all types of project work. Get in touch to find out how we can make sure you stay on top of your energy use.

Meter Installation

SHM Aphex are experts in meter installation, from multifunction panel meters to wall mounted meters. We can assist with current transformer installation, electrical meter installation either direct connect or CT connected.

Meter Panel Design and Construction.

Our in-house team are able to design and build metering panels to house your meters, from our standard off the shelf designs which we are able to ship out next day to custom designs to meet your needs. We can also install and commission the panels and meters.

Energy Management System Projects.

SHM Aphex are experts in the installation of Energy Management System projects. We are specialists in communication protocols between all types of meters and data logging systems. We can assist with Modbus, MBus, Wireless, 4G, Lorawan, and any other type of communication protocol, even old-fashioned pulses.

We can dovetail into any project scenario. We make sure we carry out all works in a timely and professional manner. The project will be handed over with full documentation and witnessed to ensure the project deliverables have been met.

We have a track record of delivering projects on time and budget. We have many happy clients and customers who can provide references if required.

Maintenance of Existing Meters and Sub-Metering Systems.

SHM Aphex will undertake all the maintenance your metering system requires. Whether that is replacement of broken meters, investigation of communication faults between meters and logging devices or the upkeep of the energy management or tenant billing software systems.

Service Contracts

SHM Aphex can support your metering systems making sure they are fully working day to day. We can monitor the system either remotely or in person. Our Engineering Service Agreements will give you piece of mind that your metering system will be kept fully working and within your budget as all labour and parts can be included in the costs.

Meter Accuracy Investigation & Reports.

SHM Aphex can survey and inspect your metering system, giving you full confidence that the system is accurate, fully MID approved where needed and the data collected can be used with certainty. This will give your tenants, energy managers or whoever is using the metering data peace of mind they will have no issues or come back.

Energy Management Software.

Aphex Energy Manager is a fully customisable energy management software tool. Allowing full reporting of energy usage and comparison plus the ability to generate tenant bills. Aphex Energy Manager comes with a set of ready to use reports and graphs so that you can use it out of the box. Our engineers can customise the product to work in any way that you require it too.

Tenant Billing Systems for Landlords and Property Managers.

SHM Aphex have developed a web-based tenant billing solution. This enables landlords to manage their energy usage and billing across their property portfolio. Properties, tenancies, and meters can be managed so that the landlord is achieving a full return on the energy the tenants are using. The system will allow tenants to log in and view their energy usage and which invoices need paying. The system will also collect the money for the bills and transfer it direct the landlord’s bank account. This will automate the process of billing and the collection of the money, simplifying the process for both the landlord and tenant. The system works with all types of meter, electricity, gas, water, heat and cooling.