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Maximum transparency of electrical consumption with up to 96 sensors!

The new control unit CMS-700 completes the range of Circuit Monitoring Systems, which enable multi-channel measurement system in alternating (AC) as well as direct current (DC). The CMS consists of a control unit and sensors, allowing easy monitoring of the individual lines of a facility.


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CMS-700 – The efficiency of easy and quick energy monitoring

CMS-700 enables detailed monitoring of energy consumption of up to 96 sensors (96 single-phase or 32 three-phase lines or a mix of the two up to the limit of 96 sensors). Easy to install, it is a versatile and efficient solution, which can be integrated into already wired panels.

Using the integrated web server, the CMS-700 control unit provides easy access to data collection, analysis and download in order to optimize energy consumption, efficiency and energy management of the system. All CMS-700 central units can be accessed remotely via different communication protocols.


  • Easy to install on existing systems that are already wired
  • Reduced installation time: components get linked over one flat cable leading to an excellent overview in the distribution unit
  • Compact monitoring system for multichannel branching in alternating current (AC) and in direct current (DC)
  • Scalability of the solution, as the user can freely choose the number of measurement points he needs
  • Utmost data security thanks to encrypted SNMP v3 and SSL certificate
  • No need for external software: plug&play integrated web server allows for clear visibility of energy consumption at branch level
  • The upgradeable firmware of the CMS-700 always provides you with the latest version of the product in terms of functionalities and security


  • Extremely accurate and efficient measurements of AC, DC or mixed currents up to 160 A (TRMS) thanks to sensors with a width of 18-25 mm
  • The parameters are processed via the control unit which manages up to 96 sensors (up to 96 single-phase lines, or 32 three-phase lines or a mix of up to 96 sensors)
  • Support of several communication protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP v1/v2 and v3 encrypted
  • Easy access for data collection (online and historical values) and quick data export provided by the integrated web server
  • Notification of alarms via e-mail and FTP server
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