The RGU-10A is a type-A ultraimmunized earth leakage protection and monitoring relay that is compatible with the earth leakage transformers in the WGC range.
The device measures, calculates and displays the true RMS value of the residual current by using a residual current input from an external measurement toroidal transformer in the WGC series.

The RGU-10A can be used to program and adjust all the parameters required to obtain complete protection and control of the installation.

Main characteristics:

  • True root mean square value
  • RCM & MRCD on one device
  • Keypad locking of programming menu
  • RGB backlit display
  • Ultra-immunized type A RCD
  • Immunity to transients
  • Filtering of the highest order high frequencies
  • Trip adjustment between 80 and 100% IΔn
  • Inverse curve

The RGU-10A offers smart residual current protection.

Thanks to its design characteristics, this device provides the most complete type-A protection to ensure the safety of people and continuity of supply in electrical installations.

Its ultraimmunized system guarantees that a trip will only occur when it is absolutely necessary, avoiding financial losses due to unwanted trips.

Being able to view the instantaneous leakage value on the display, together with the pre-alarm indications, provides information on the status of the lines they protect so that proper preventive maintenance can be done.

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