Circutor RGU-10B Earth Leakage Relay

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  • Delay: 00.2-10s on instantaneous or selective
  • Dimensions: 3-DIN Module
  • Auxillary Power supply: 230VAC (20% difference)
  • Output contacts: 250 Vac, 6A
  • Remote signal: Pre-alarm
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Electronic earth leakage current intensity monitoring relay (IEC 62020), compatible with the WGC-TB series protection transformers. The RGU-10B is the most complete system of the range that monitors and controls the electrical insulation of B type installations (IEC 60755).

  • Electronic relay with relay output.
  • Measures in AC, DC or mixed current, type B (IEC 60755)
  • Measures the current’s intensity when connected to an earth leakage transformer of the WGC-TB series.
  • Programmable with backlit LCD display
  • Current trip (red display when triggered)
  • Parameter programming
  • Instantaneous leakage current
  • Disconnection of external transformer
  • Status signalling with 2 LEDs
  • It has two independent programmable outputs (main and prealarm).
  • It has a remote control input.
  • Assembly on DIN rail 46277 (EN-50022).
  • 3 modules

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Panel Mount




Communication Type

Class A super-immunised
Measurement True root mean square (TRMS)
Sensitivity 0.03…3 A
0.03…30 A
Delay Time defined: 0.02…10 s
Inverse curve: Instantaneous
or selective
Earth leakage transformer External, WG / WGC series
Test and reset With built-in buttons, T & R
Remote control External test option
Associated circuit breaker Contactor or circuit
breaker + trigger coil
LED indicators Power supply voltage
Leakage trip
Disconnection of external transformer
Display Trip current (red display when tripped)
Parameter programming
Instantaneous leakage current
Disconnection of external transformer
Remote signaling Prealarm
Display of parameters via RS-485
communication (RGU-10 C)
Circuit breaker control Via an NO/NC switched relay,
depending on the connection
with the circuit breaker
Electrical features Auxiliary power supply 230 Vac (± 20%) 50 / 60 Hz
(other values on demand)
Output contacts 250 Vac, 6 A
Operating temperature -10 ºC…+50 ºC
Mechanical features Attachment DIN 46277 rail (EN 50022)
Dimensions 3 modules
Weight 236 g
Protection degree IP 20 on terminals, IP 41 on back panel
Standards IEC 60947-2, IEC 60755, IEC 61008, IEC 62020

IEC 60947-2, IEC 60755, IEC 61008, IEC 62020

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