Eastron SDM630-MBUS-MID Meter

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Single/Three Phase 100A Din Rail Direct Connect Mbus Meter

  • MID Certified (B and D)
  • Three phase 100A input
  • Built in Mbus and pulsed ouputs
  • Four module DIN rail mounted
  • Highly visible backlit display from all angles
  • Simple menu navigation
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The SDM630 Series is a three-phase multifunction 100A direct fed DIN rail mounted electricity meter. It can measure and display the characteristic of 1p2w ,3p3w and 3p4w supplies, With a user friendly menu navaigation and highly visible LCD display, it The SDM630 requires Mains Voltage inputs (live in and live out, neutral in and neutral out) in order to operate, it is self-supplied so does not require an external auxiliary supply. We have a range of options from a pulsed output version for cost savings and Modbus RTU combined with dual pulsed outputs or MBUS also combined with dual pulsed outputs. Finally, we also have an option for multi-tariff.

Displayed Parameters

  • Phase to Neutral Voltage (V)
  • Phase to Phase Voltage (V)
  • Phase Current (A)
  • Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion (U%THD)
  • Current Total Harmonic Distortion (I%THD)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • Current Max Demand (MD A)
  • Power Max Demand (MD kW)
  • Active Power (kW)
  • Reactive Power (kVAr)
  • Apparent Power (kVA)
  • Import Active Energy (kWh)
  • Export Active Energy (kWh)
  • Total Active Energy (kWh)
  • Import Reactive Energy (kVArh)
  • Export Reactive Energy (kVArh)
  • Total Reactive Energy (kVArh)




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DIN Rail Mount




Communication Type


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CertificationMID B&D Approved
Nominal voltage(Un)3×230/400 V ac
Operational voltage80%~120% of Un
Insulation capabilities
– AC voltage withstand4KV for 1 minute
– Impulse voltage withstand6KV-1.2μS
Basic current (Ib)10A
Maximum rated current (Imax)100A as per page 11
Operational current range0.4% Ib-Imax
Over current withstand30 Imax for 0.01s
Operational frequency range50 or 60Hz
Power consumption per phase≤ 2W/10VA
Operating humidity≤ 90%
Storage humidity≤ 95%
Operating temperature-25°C – +55°C
Storage temperature-40°C – +70°C
Reference temperature23°C± 2°C
International standardIEC 62053-21 / EN50470-1/3
Accuracy classClass1/Class B
Installation categoryCAT III
Mechanical environmentM1
Electromagnetic environmentE2
Degree of pollution2
Protection against penetration of dust and waterIP51(indoor)
Insulating encased meter of protective classII
Electrostatic discharges8kV contact / 15kV air gap
Electromagnetic HF fieldsIEC 61000-4-3
Electrical fast transients4kV


Baud rate300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600
Stop bits1 or 2
Primary Address1 to 250
Secondary Address00 00 00 01 to 99 99 99 99


Pulse output
Pulse outputs2
Pulse output typePassive
Pulse Output 1Configurable
Pulse width200/100(default)/60ms
Pulse output 2400imp/kWh






  • MID: EN50470-1 & EN50470-3
  • EMC: EN61326-1 & EN61326-2-3
  • LVD: EN61010-1 & EN61010-2-3
  • IEC/EN62052-11 2003 Class 1 or 2

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