Eastron Smart X96-5E MID 96×96 Panel Meter

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  • MID Certified to Class C (0.5%) accuracy
  • 1/5A Current transformer operated
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (Amps)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (Volts)
  • Highly visible backlit display from all angles
  • Programmable reverse flow for right/left side of breaker CT installation.
  • Built in Modbus and Pulsed outputs
  • Free Configuration Software
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The SMART X96 series is an advanced multifunction three-phase energy monitoring solution with optional outputs such as Pulsed and RS485 RTU Modbus. Equipped with configuration and display buttons for ease of navigation through the various parameters and settings. Housed for 96mm panel mounting, IP51 protection and 1/5A current transformer operated. Selectable measurement modes using our free configurations software for kWh display, Total kWh (Import + Export), Import kWh and Net kWh (Export – Import) Certified in the UK according to EU Directive 2014/32/EU. MID Certificate number 0120 / SGS0288.

Displayed Parameters

  • Phase to Neutral Voltage (V)
  • Phase to Phase Voltage (V)
  • Phase Current (A)
  • Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion (U%THD)
  • Current Total Harmonic Distortion (I%THD)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • Current Max Demand (MD A)
  • Power Max Demand (MD kW)
  • Active Power (kW)
  • Reactive Power (kVAr)
  • Apparent Power (kVA)
  • Import Active Energy (kWh)
  • Export Active Energy (kWh)
  • Total Active Energy (kWh)
  • Import Reactive Energy (kVArh)
  • Export Reactive Energy (kVArh)
  • Total Reactive Energy (kVArh)

Product information

The Smart X96-5E is a high accuracy multifunction power meter that is a traditional wired 1/5A current transformer operated meter.. Configurable for 1p2w, and 3p4w systems and hosting a vast range of measuring parameters such as Amps, Volts, Power, Power and Current Demand, Power Factor, Imported and Exported kWh, Phase Sequence and a Phase Summary page. It is one of the most user-friendly multifunction power meters in the market form installation to end client use. The SMART X96-5E does not have the Individual harmonics, internal three phase supply (Powered from L1 & N internally), voltage output and can not be used in 3p3w applications.

It is typical in most installations that the current transformers are mounted on the left-hand side of the breaker so P1 is facing the correct way. However, it is also possible to mount the current transformer on the right-hand side with P2 facing the breaker. This is possible due to the meter having the option to reverse the flow to correct this type of application.

The SMART X96-5E requires mains voltage inputs and external current transformers in order to operate, it is self-supplied. The Smart X96-5E meter comes complete with RS485 Modbus RTU and dual pulsed outputs as standard.

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Panel Mount




Communication Type

Nominal input voltage100-276V AC ( L-N ) 173-480V AC( L-L)
Max. continuous input overload voltage120% of nominal
Max. short duration input voltage2 x nominal voltage for 1 second
Nominal input voltage burden<0.2VA per phase
Nominal input current1/5A
Nom. Input current burden<0.1 VA
Max. continuous input overload current120% of nominal
Max. short duration input current20 x nominal current for 1 second
Power supply
Operating rangeSelf powered (from any of the three phases)
Supply burden<2W / 10 VA
Voltage (V)0.5% of range maximum
Current (A)0.5% of range maximum
Frequency (Hz)0.2% of mid-frequency
Power factor (PF)1% of unity (0.01)
Active power (W)1.0% of range maximum
Reactive power (VAr)1.0% of range maximum
Apparent power (VA)1.0% of range maximum
Active energy (kWh)Class 0.5S IEC62053-22

Class 1.0 IEC62053-21

Reactive energy (kVArh)1.0% of range maximum to IEC 62053-24
THD2% to 63rd harmonic
Operating temperature– 25˚C to +55˚C
Storage temperature-40˚C to +70˚C
Relative humidity0 to 95%, non-condensing
Shock30g in 3 planes
Vibration10Hz to 50Hz, IEC 60068-2-6, 2g
Dielectric Voltage4kV between voltage and current to earth
Warm-up1 minute
Pulsed output relay (configurable)Opto-coupled, potential-free SPST-NO contact
Contact Rating current2-27mA at 27V DC
Contact Rating voltage5-27V DC
Pulse Width60 / 100 / 200 ms
Pulse rate of S0 10.01 / 0.1 / 1 / 10 / 100 kWh/kVArh
Pulsed output of S0 2 (non-configurable)3200IMP/kWh
CommunicationsModbus RTU (RS485)
Type2-wire half duplex
Baud rate2400,4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
Address1 to 247
Enclosure StyleDIN 96 panel mount
Dimensions96x96x62 mm
Panel cut-out92x92mm
Panel thickness1-2 mm
Protection ratingIp51 (Indoor)
MaterialUL 94-VO
Weight340 g
Cable size0.05mm-4mm stranded wire
TerminalsVoltage: Shrouded screw-clamp. Current: Shrouded screw-clamp.
  • MID: EN50470-1 & EN50470-3 Class B & C
  • EMC: EN61326-1 & EN61326-2-3
  • LVD: EN61010-1 & EN61010-2-3
  • IEC/EN62052-11:2003 Class 0.5s

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